Tr. Gabby & 

Tr. harmony Joy

Hi! Hello! We are Tr. Gabby and Tr. Harmony Joy (she/her/hers).  

We are excited to welcome you to Second Grade this Fall! 

We look forward to meeting you and beginning our learning together.

All About Tr. Gabby


A little bit more about me: I was born in Jamaica, grew up in central Florida and spent the last 21 years living in NYC. I graduated from NYU with both my bachelors and masters having the opportunity to study in Italy, London and Amsterdam during that time. Since then, I have been a teacher for 14 years.  In the classroom, I love finding ways to nurture curiosity, intrinsic love of learning and creativity. 

My Family

This is me with my husband Joel and our two kiddos Ophelia, 5 years old and Octavius, 3 years old months old (picture taken when Ophelia was 2 years and Octavius was 2 months old).

Some of my favorites!

I love the beach! My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I enjoy reading and talking about books.  I find it fun to discover new music and new artists. I love spending my time dancing, doing yoga, having picnics outside and exploring our new neighborhood here in Philly! .

Tr. Gabby Cool (and weird) Facts!

Meet Tr. Harmony Joy

Harmony Joy is a proud HBCU alumnus of Cheyney University and a Philadelphia native. She loves cooking and baking in her spare time. She is also a lover of travel. She has traveled to 37 states and 6 countries. She volunteers at her local food bank on her off days and enjoys helping others. When she has a moment of silence, she enjoys a good suspense cinema. 

Tr. Harmony Joy Cool (and weird) Facts!